The Ultimate (Free) Guide To Wine That Won't Sabotage The Scale
Love wine and other cocktails, but hate the way you look (and feel) after?  Grab my guide so you know exactly what to choose PLUS avoid the ones that will send the scale skyrocketing in the wrong direction.
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Hi! I'm Laura.  So nice to meet you :)

I'm a Mom of 2, Holistic Nutritionist & founder of the Lavish Method, where I teach women a simple way of eating that doesn't involve giving up wine, chocolate, or anything else that makes life worth living.

I put this guide together for you because I LOVE wine and never realized how different wines had COMPLETELY different effects on the scale!

I've done a TON of research over the years so I know exactly what I'm drinking and never accidentally sabotage my way of eating anymore.  Now, I want you to have it too!  

  • How To Choose One: The best cocktails to drink often.
  • My Top 3 Picks For Each Category: The exact 3 Red, White & Rose Wines plus mixed drinks I choose including sugar content, description & price.
  • Sugar Content Chart: So you know exactly how many grams of sugar are in each glass of wine you're having (6oz AND 9oz)
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I used to think it was impossible to have cocktails and also feel great in my clothes.  I was totally wrong.

When it comes to drinking wine (and other cocktails), it's all about what you know!  Grab my guide so you know exactly which cocktails are going to work for you, and the ones that will sabotage everything you're working towards.
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