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End Unhealthy Cravings, Jump Start Weight Loss and Discover The Energy You’ve Been Missing.
There's a reason you feel like garbage lately…
It's the same reason that you're bloated & gassy most afternoons....

It's the reason you have ZERO energy at 2pm and the most INTENSE sugar cravings.

It's also the reason you're up on the scale even though you skipped breakfast. 

The food you’re eating right now keeps you trapped in a vicious cycle.

And you’ve experienced the impact everywhere...

  • Constant cravings for sweet or salty foods
  • Sleepless nights spent tossing and turning
  • Low blood sugar (feeling 'hangry'), or a slow metabolism 
  • Frustration that you can’t lose weight 
  • No willpower
You may be struggling now, but in just 10 days you can feel SO MUCH BETTER

And you’re not going to need another fad fitness plan filled with energy draining workouts to do it! 

So ask yourself…
If You Would “Do Anything” To End The Cravings, Lose Weight And Feel Full of Energy Again…

…Would You Try This for Just 10 Days?
Have you said to yourself “I would do anything to feel like a normal person?” 

Have you ever thought, “What I wouldn't give for a body I can feel really proud of when I look in the mirror?” 

If you have, I'm pretty sure you've already tried other programs—fad diets, challenges, and quick fixes “guaranteed to help” in just a few weeks. 

And, if you’re like me, you don’t have the time, effort, or motivation to go through another 30, 60, or 90 days of grueling workouts and starvation dieting to see if something actually works this time. 

That’s why I developed this detox system that hits the reset button for your metabolism, mind, and body in just a few days.
I'm Laura.
I'm a mom of 2, Holistic Nutritionist and the founder of the Lavish Method, where I teach women who just want to lose weight a simple way of eating that doesn't involve giving up wine or chocolate (my two favourite things).

I've basically done EVERYTHING in the weight loss world (oh, except the banana diet which is apparently a thing now?), and I got fed up of restricting, doing everything right and STILL feeling like garbage.  
The Lavish Detox

A complete 10-Day “Body Reset” that will help you rebalance your hormones and take back control of your metabolism using the power of whole food eating and inflammation elimination. 

Here's how The Lavish Detox Works: 

3 Day Jumpstart
You’ll start with a powerful protocol designed to give your body a break and support digestion. 

After the first 3 days you’ll feel better, look better, poop better and experience more motivation and energy than you have in years. 

7 Days Of Whole, Nutrient Dense Foods
You’ll eat delicious, nutrient dense foods that will help to reset your metabolism and support your liver as you continue to decrease inflammation. 

It sounds next to impossible, I know, but this proven detox gives you…

Noticeable Results In Just 3 Days.

The complete detox takes just 10 days, but you don’t need to wait all 10 days to experience lasting results. 

As you follow the included guide, meal plans (adaptable for all diets - - vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and paleo diets), and support materials, you’ll discover a faster way to feel refreshed, full of energy, and healthier. 

$97 CAD 
You're PERFECT for this detox if:

  • You can't seem to get rid of your belly fat no matter what diet you try or pill you buy and you're crazy bloated.
  •  You need accountability and support
  •  You want to start the holiday season off feeling great so you are more likely to stick to a healthier eating style throughout (here's to fitting into your jeans!)
You might want to sit this one out if:

  •  You NEVER overeat or indulge in 'junk' or 'fast foods'
  •  You don't have an internet connection (or access to one)
  •   I can't think of any other reason?! It's basically perfect for every woman out there who wants to find a better way-so she can live more vibrantly, feel more confidant and age gracefully-looking gorgeous every step of the way (inside & out)
Here's What's Included In The Fat Blasting Detox:
10-Day Lavish Detox Group Support 
When you join today, you’ll also become a member of my private Facebook Group (only for those running through my programs). This exclusive community will support and encourage your progress.
10-Day Lavish Detox Guide
Use this complete step-by-step guide to learn how toxins are sabotaging your body, how to detox effectively, and how to see results in just a few days.
Detox Meal Plan for Meat Eaters or Vegetarians
Meal plans filled with foods you and your family will love are included for the complete 10 Day Lavish Detox—dozens of options are provided.
Balance Your Hormones And Discover A Hidden Energy, Motivation, And Metabolism You Never Knew Was In You.

$97 CAD 

Using all of the tools, the complete body reset guide, and the easy and nutritious meal plan and snack options that are part of this program, you’ll begin a total body transformation that lasts long after your first 10 days.

With increased motivation, energy, and a metabolism no longer held back by toxins, you’ll continue to progress well after this program is over.
Reset Your Body RISK FREE!
100% Money Back Guarantee
Not sure if the 10-Day Lavish Detox is right for you? Try the entire program risk free! From the time you order, you have 10 full days to decide, and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let me know—you’ll get your money back! You owe it to yourself to try the 10-Day Lavish Detox risk free right now! You won’t pay a penny if it doesn’t work.

Want To Know What You'll Be Eating?
  Here's a sample day for you!


Triple Berry Protein Bowl


Mac & Cheese


Chili Lime Chicken Drumsticks With Roasted Veggies


Chocolate Almond Butter Pudding
But don't take it from's what past clients have said about the detox:
"Made the pumpkin spice loaf last night from the 10 day detox recipe book, OMG it was so delicious!"

-Kathy 39
"I've lost 6 lbs, I'm not exhausted and my jeans actually do up this morning!"

-Jane 48
"Down 5 lbs, my energy is through the roof and I feel so much less bloated-I'm going to run through this at least once a month!"

-Megan 32
Don’t Put off the Mind, Body, and Energy You Deserve Any Longer. Start Your 10 Day Body Reset Right Now Risk Free!

$97 CAD 
Yes I'm interested. What happens next?
First of all-yay! That's so exciting! Once you click the BUY NOW button you'll be taken over to Paypal to complete your purchase. You will receive an email with your welcome and next steps right away so watch your inbox! You'll have everything you need to start the Detox and you can go at your own pace. I'll just be an email away if you have any questions at all (and I'll also send you the link to join a private Facebook community where I hang out and help my clients run through a program).
How much time will this take? I'm already overextended as it is.
The recipes are easy. They don't require you to spend hours in the kitchen working with complicated hard to find foods-who's got time for that?
Will I be starving?
Not with this detox! Not only will you eat real food for your meals, you'll be given a list of snack ideas you can eat whenever you get hungry. You are guaranteed not to starve onthis detox
If I eat real food is this really a detox?
Absolutely!! We are cutting out the foods that cause inflammation, bloating, blood sugar instability (all the nasty stuff) and including foods that support your liver (that detox powerhouse you already own) as well as balance blood sugar and leave you feeling great (real food does amazing things!)
What if I have a question? Do you provide any support?
You can definitely ask me questions-that's what the Facebook group is all about. PLUS with the Fast Action Bonus live coaching call you are completely covered!
When's the best time to start a program like this?
Right now! In all seriousness the sooner the better. Once you have forward momentum you don't want to lose a second of it. The best part-this program will always be there for you so anytime you feel like you need a 'reset' you can run through it! This has been a lifesaver for so many of my private coaching clients (and myself!)
$97 CAD 
RHN BScH Nutrition & Founder of the Lavish Method
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